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With an extensive background and a broad range of experience, there are few specialties within the environmental, health, safety and compliance fields in which Midwest Environmental is not well versed in and prepared to provide prompt, effective and economical service.

Phase I & II Site Assessments

No Loss Leaders! MEC performs Phase I ESAs at costs that are both reasonable and competitive. The recommendation of a Phase II ESA by MEC means that it is warranted, not that additional work is needed to make up for a cut-rate Phase I. Phase I & II ESAs, Transaction Screens and Regulatory File Reviews are performed by a qualified environmental professional and licensed geologist/hydrogeologist with over three decades of experience.

Health & Safety Services

From Lock-Out / Tag Out to Hazard Communication, Midwest is well versed at employee training as well as program development and implementation. MEC can provide turn key services, allowing you to get back to doing what you do best.

Compliance Reporting


Toxic Release Information Form R Reporting, Emergency Planning & Community Right-to-Know Tier I Hazardous Chemical Inventory, Tier I & Tier II submission, Resource Conservation & Recovery Act Hazardous Waste reports.

​Hazardous Materials


There are myriad requirements that come with the responsibility for the proper storage, management, use and disposal of hazardous materials. From cradle to grave, Midwest Environmental Consulting has got you covered.

​Site Investigation & Remediation


With the performance and supervision of hundreds of environmental site investigations and corrective actions, MEC has met and overcome to a wide variety of site specific challenges that can arise on the path to achieving site closure. A thorough understanding of site conditions shorten that path and prevent detours.

​Asbestos Compliance


Certified in Asbestos Inspection, Management Planning and Project Design, Midwest Environmental Consulting can assist you in addressing any asbestos issues that may confront you. From work place exposure prevention to periodic surveillance to pre-renovation / pre-demolition inspection, MEC has got you covered.

Storm Water & Spill Prevention​


Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Planning can be challenging under any circumstances. Older industrial facilities, designed and built prior to the SPCC requirements often present special difficulties, particularly with regard to containment considerations. Midwest has addressed these challenges at numerous manufacturing plants in a variety of industries. Is your required 5-year plan review and update due? Let MEC's expertise take over and let you do what you do best.


Is your Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and inspection schedule up to date? Midwest Environmental Consulting can make sure you are in compliance. 

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